I’m finally starting to adjust to the time change and everything here.  I think what’s harder to adjust to than the time change is the different schedule of the Spaniards.  The Spanish are so laid back, so I usually have no sense of what time it is.  Even today, it took me a few hours to realize that it is Friday already!  Everyone here goes to work/school in the morning after breakfast.  When Carly and I were walking to orientation today, it was so interesting to see how much more relaxed everyone seemed to be as they were walking to work.  Definitely different than the morning rush of commuters in Chicago.  Then, everyone comes back home around two for lunch/siesta.  During siesta time, basically everything shuts down and the streets are virtually empty.  Then, everyone goes back to work/school until they come home later for dinner in the evening.  It’s a nice change of pace and it’s nice to live in a culture that isn’t so fast-paced.

Last night, a big group of us went out to the bars along the river.  Carly and I (along with many other students) live relatively far away from most of the nightlife in Sevilla, so we all split a cab there and back.  Taking a taxi is relatively cheap, especially when we all split the cost.  We went to four different bars and sat our by the river, which was absolutely beautiful at night!  It was really laid back and it was nice to get to know a few of the other people on the trip.

This morning, we all had orientation at EUSA (the building where we will be taking some of our classes).  Carly and I got lost on our way there, so we were about 15 minutes late, but I think I know how to get there now.  Throughout the morning, the program directors gave us more information about the first class we will all be taking together at EUSA during the first three weeks and then told us how we can go about selecting classes to take at la Universidad de Sevilla come the end of September.  The process sounds quite confusing, but I think I’m going to look more into it on Sunday so that I can figure out what seems interesting and what credits will get transferred.

After orientation, Carly and I came home and ate lunch with Cristina, Miguel, Miguel’s girlfriend, and her two-year old daughter (who is SO cute!).  I just woke up from my siesta and am about to go for a run to try to learn my way around the city more!

We are going on a field trip tomorrow to the beach and Roman ruins in, so I will be sure to post pictures soon!

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5 Responses to Orientation

  1. Mom says:

    Looking forward to some pictures! Can’t wait to come and visit.

  2. Amy Ollinger says:

    Anna getting lost, this is new…

  3. Mark says:

    Don’t get too used to the naps.

  4. Alberto Machado says:

    It is so nice to read your blog, Anna. We are all waiting to hear more of the culture differences. Now you know that there are other parts of the world where people don’t have a fast pace and there is no problem with that. Reading your experiences reminds me when I was in Spain some years ago. Lovely place, very nice people, and outstanding food. They do enjoy life. We need to learn with them and people in other countries around the world that life is not just work and material things. Keep writing and posting pictures.

  5. Aunt Karen says:

    I’ve always said that naps aren’t just for kindergartners! Let’s get a campaign going to bring back the nap–for all! Sounds like you’re off to a great start, Anna. I’ve heard that Spainairds are more laid-back…..but they also start their night life late–. Seville is suppose to be a great place to buy jewelry……Until next time, Anna—–luv ya.

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