Itálica y la playa

The weather in Sevilla has been absolutely gorgeous!  It has been 95 degrees and sunny since I got here and that is the forecast for the next ten days.  Hey, I’m not complaining!  I’m currently sitting out on my señora’s porch as I blog 🙂 

The other day, I decided to run to EUSA, the building where I will be taking classes with the rest of the students on my program.  It is not a very far run, so I decided to continue running straight past EUSA and turn around when I got tired. I thought that this would allow me to find my way back home easily, but me being me, I got lost…again.  Unlike Chicago, Sevilla’s street are very curvy.  So, when I decided to turn around and go back to EUSA, “straight” was hard to define when the road kept curving.  Okay, that’s probably just a lame excuse for me getting lost.  But anywho, after looking clueless for too long, I decided to ask a woman who was biking next to me for directions.  She was very nice and told me that I had to turn around again and then take a left next to a Chinese restaurant.  I thanked her and talked to her two kids a little bit about studying abroad.  A few minutes later, I got a tap on my shoulder from her daughter who asked me to stop because a) i had already made a wrong turn and b) her mom wanted me to babysit for her and her two sisters.  Her mom caught up with us and told me that she was moving in a few weeks to the same area of the city that I live in, so it would be very convenient for me to watch her kids.  It was so unexpected, but I definitely want to do it (maybe not on a regular basis or for pay) so that I can work on my Spanish and help them with their English!

Yesterday, we went to the Roman ruins at Itálica.  One of our professors, Fernando, gave us a tour of the ruins, which was very neat!  Let me tell ya, some of the Roman traditions are brutal!








After Itálica, we drove an hour to Matalascañas, the beach closest to Sevilla.  Mom, you were right, the sun is much more intense than back at home!  I loaded up on the sunscreen, so luckily I didn’t end up turning into a tomato.  It was nice to just relax on the beach for a few hours and get to know other people in my program. Image



After we got back from the beach, I took a late hour and a half siesta! 🙂 I ate dinner with Carly and Cristina and then, I met up with some friends to go out along the river, which was fun!  We stayed out until about 4am and went to a bunch of different bars.  We were going to try to go la discoteca, but the boys didn’t know where it was, so we decided to just go back home.


This morning, I had breakfast with my señora and we talked for about two hours.  It was so great to talk about Spanish politics, television shows, and her family.  She showed me pictures of her family and told me a bunch of stories (her days when she did yoga, her dog, past family trips, her husband, etc.)  I also went through some of my pictures on Facebook and told her all about Chicago and my family and friends.  This was the first time that I felt like I could understand everything she told me and I felt that I was better able to express what I was trying to say.  So, my Spanish is definitely improving!

It’s almost two o’clock already, but I have much to do: explore the city, pick out classes, go for a run, pick up some shampoo and other necessities!

Until next time, adios!


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3 Responses to Itálica y la playa

  1. Mark says:

    At least you are turning getting lost into a learning experience. Great pictures.

  2. Alberto Machado says:

    Very nice pictures. Un lugar encantador. Puede que tenga que llevar un GPS con usted cuando corres. Cuidar a los niños es una buena oportunidad para sumergirse en la cultura española. Estoy seguro de que usted está disfrutando de cada minuto de su viaje. Best. Alberto.

  3. Aunt Karen says:

    You look great, Anna! Wow–what an experience. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
    When do classes start? Great that you have some time to explore Spain!

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