Yesterday, about fifteen of us took a bus to Cádiz, a small city located on the Atlantic Ocean.  We spent most of the day walking around the city and exploring the area near the ocean.  It was absolutely beautiful there and the wind definitely made the heat much more tolerable.  Again, Cádiz has such personality that doesn’t exist in the cities in the U.S.  It is so interesting to compare the European cities I have visited so far with the cities and suburbs that are so familiar to me.  Whereas so many towns at home look exactly the same, there is so much unique detail and character in each city here.  Below are some pictures from our trip.  My favorites are the views of the city from the top of the cathedral tower:



Beautiful view from the top of the cathedral.

Tower of the cathedral.

View from the top of the cathedral tower.

Amelia, Leigh, and I at the top of the tower.


Of course, we found a froyo place and had to get some! 😉

On my run today, I realized how quickly the time is going here.  I’ve been so blessed with such amazing opportunities thus far.  But, it sometimes feels like I’m watching my life as though it is a movie since it is still surreal that I’m here.  I’m doing my best to soak up everything and really appreciate every moment in Sevilla, big or small.  I don’t want to take anything for granted.

Un beso,







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2 Responses to Cádiz

  1. Si Si says:

    Sounds amazing! It really seems as if there are some major contrasts between the U.S. and Spain, which is obviously to be expected..but I would love to be able to witness this first hand. I think it is so cool that you are able to experience the differences in lifestyle and culture. Like the littlest things that native people think are normal, are so intriguing to visitors. It sounds like the architecture is incredible, and your pictures look extravagant..I wish we had buildings with such history here!! Also despite such cultural differences, it seems as if froyo is a hot commodity everywhere now! Or maybe it just follows you everywhere you go?? Who knows! How did it compare to Yogurtland? OH and my parents told me today that they thought red mango was better…amateurs!

    • annaollinger says:

      Yea, our buildings at home are absolutely nothing compared to these! Ha I think the froyo may follow me. I did stumble upon a place called “Yogurtlandia” in the center of Sevilla; what a coincidence! Obviously on the list of things to try! And, yea there is no comparison between red mango and yogurtland. Clearly, we will be going there basically everyday over winter break.

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