La Catedral de Sevilla

On Wednesday, we got a tour of the Cathedral of Sevilla.  Although I have passed the cathedral numerous times while wandering through the city, I never realized how big it was.  According to Fernando, our professor and personal tour guide, it is the largest cathedral in the world.  I immediately felt miniature and insignificant when I walked in because the ceilings are ridiculously high.  Although the first area we toured was constructed using a gothic style of architecture and dark colors, the light from outside streamed in through the beautiful stain glass windows located near the top of almost every wall.  It was so interesting to compare the parts of the cathedral that were constructed using a gothic style of architecture with the sections of the cathedral that were constructed during the Renaissance.  There was so much symbolism and bright colors in the art of the portions constructed during the Renaissance.

View from outside of the cathedral (Photo credit: Amelia Smith)

Inside of the cathedral (Photo credit: Amelia Smith)

A room of the cathedral constructed during the Renaissance. The light that streamed in from the top symbolizes the presence of God. (Photo credit: Amelia Smith)

Below is a photo of Christopher Columbus’ tomb, which is located in one of the main areas of the cathedral.  According to Fernando, three different cities claimed to have Christopher Columbus’ body.  In order to discover which city was telling the truth, the European Union funded a four year investigation.  Turns out, Sevilla did indeed have his body!  Three other Columbus family members also “reside” in the cathedral.

Christopher Columbus’ tomb. (Photo credit: Amelia Smith)

Our tour group in front of Christopher Columbus’ tomb.

After we finished our tour, we had the opportunity to walk to the top of la Giralda, or the large cathedral tower.  It probably wasn’t the best idea to wear a skirt because it was SO windy up there, so there was a little Marilyn Monroe action.  But, the views of the city were spectacular!

La hermosa Sevilla!

Group at the top of la Giralda.

One of the main highlights of my week has definitely been making Spanish-speaking friends.  The past two nights, I spent time with a group of three girls who are also studying abroad in Sevilla this semester.  Two of them, Agustina and Mari, are from Uruguay.  The other girl, Duña, is from Germany and speaks five languages!  It was SO much fun to just sit and talk in ALL Spanish without the option to talk in English.  Maggie, Elisabeth, and I are going to try to make them a traditional American breakfast next week in their apartment kitchen.  Should be fun!

Mari, Agustina, Duña, Me, Elisabeth, and Maggie (from left to right)

Agenda for the weekend:

  • La corrida de toros (bull fight) esta noche
  • Hiking in Cazalla de Sierra tomorrow
  • Ronda on Sunday (?)

Miss you all!

Un gran abrazo,


P.S. A little skype love 😉

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2 Responses to La Catedral de Sevilla

  1. Lynn says:

    Thanks again Anna for sharing! Such beautiful sights and so interesting! You are a wonderful writer, too!! Take care and continue to have fun on your adventure!!! Lynn

  2. Si Si says:

    Christopher Columbus’s body! Whoa that is pretty cool! The cathedral sounds so beautiful, and similar to when I traveled to Italy. It is also really great that you found some Spanish speaking friends! Most people don’t do that when they study abroad, and I feel like you are not getting the full experience unless you do! Cazalla de SIERRA…you just can’t get away from me! But good luck with the American breakfast, I feel like that might be a bit difficult when shopping for ingredients and such. And more like skype hate! I look like one of those puppies on the cards with the giant noses! Misss youuuu per usual!

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