Sticky Situation with Sevici

So, I thought I’d provide everyone back in the United States with a little morning entertainment by sharing my eventful trek to class this morning.   As you know, I have been using the Sevici bike rental system to get around the city.  Although it is often useful, the “rent-a-bike” system can also be a GIANT pain in the behind.  Sometimes, it can be hard to come across a station that has bikes available to rent.  But, I have found that I also come across the opposite problem: not being able to find a station with an open space in which I can put my bike.  When this happens, you have to ride around the city and find another Sevici station where you can return your bike.

That was definitely the case this morning.  It takes me about 40 minutes to walk from my house to the building where I take my university classes.  Assuming no major Sevici obstacles, it takes me about 15 minutes to bike to class.  I start class at 10am on Tuesday, so I decided I would leave my apartment at 9:10 this morning.  Initially, I planned on “sevici-ing” there; giving me ample time to arrive early and buy a few school supplies.  Although, I had no problem finding a Sevici station near my apartment with bikes to rent, I could NOT find anywhere to return my bike upon arriving to school.  So, I started to re-trace my steps towards my house, assuming that I would soon come across a Sevici station with an open space.  I figured I could park it at the next closest Sevici station and then walk to school.  But, literally EVERY Sevici station I passed was filled.  I started to get nervous because not only was the 30-minute grace period coming to an end, but I was also getting farther away from the school with less time to get there.  I picked up my pace…and what happened? When crossing the street, my backpack (with my laptop in it) flew out of the bike basket into the middle of the street.  I clumsily parked my bike in the middle of the street crosswalk and picked up my things and put everything back in the bike’s basket.  The ONLY Sevici station that had an open bike space was conveniently (note my sarcasm) the one closest to my house from which I originally rented my bike.

I checked my bike back in and realized I only had 20 minutes to get to my class.  I thought about taking a taxi to class, but quickly nixed that idea because of a) morning traffic and b) I didn’t want to spend 7 euros on a cab ride.  So, I decided that I’d use my legs.  Looking like a COMPLETE idiot I started running to class with my backpack smacking me as I ran down la Avenida de Ramón y Cajal towards the university.  (Sound familiar? Yea, all too similar to my numerous embarrassing sprints through the airport.  At least my backpack didn’t open this time!).  I ended up arriving to class sweaty and out-of-breath with five minutes to spare.

Bad news? My snack bag busted open and thus, my snacks were crushed and no longer edible.

Silver lining? My computer didn’t break in the process of flying off of my bike! Hallelujah!

Hope everyone is having a good day 🙂

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8 Responses to Sticky Situation with Sevici

  1. Alyssia Van Duch says:

    I read this while I was in class and I couldn’t stop laughing while reading it! That would happen to you hahahahaha. I could picture it in my head you frantically sprinting to class

  2. Mark says:

    Was your stomach growling during class? At least you got your workout in.

  3. Aunt Karen says:

    Hey Anna–you made it with 5 minutes to spare!!! Sounds like you handled yourself in a crisis quite well. Way to go, girl!

  4. Alberto Machado says:

    Anna: Your adventure this morning (your time) was sad but you told us in a very nice and funny way. I could almost see your back pack running away and smacking your snack in the middle of the street, which it appeared a bad thing, but it probably saved your laptop from crashing for good. The other good thing here is that you did not have to run in the afternoon as you already had done it in the morning.

    All these special moments your are having in Spain would become very interesting stories you can tell your grand kids some day. You will also have a repertory of stories to entertain your family in friends when you meet for a party.

    Best. Alberto.

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