Rain, rain, rain…

I’m currently sitting in my kitchen and listening to the rain as I eat my breakfast and drink my tea.  With the exception of the light drizzle yesterday, this is the first time that it has rained in Sevilla in the four weeks that I have been here.  And today, it’s not just a few light raindrops here and there…it’s raining cats and dogs!  I have quite a few errands to run today, so maybe this rain isn’t the most convenient.  But, I guess I better get used to it:

On Tuesday night, a group of us went to un partido de fútbol (soccer game) at el estadio de Sevilla (Sevilla stadium).  It wasn’t an official game, but a charity game that benefited UNICEF.  I thought it would be just as competitive as a normal game, but it was more of a scrimmage.  However, it was so neat to see the stadium and experience the immense amount of energy amongst all of the fans.  I can’t even imagine how crazy the fans get during a real game.

The stadium.

Leigh, Laura, and Me

Finding our seats was an absolute nightmare.  Unlike sporting events in the United States, there are no event officials there to help you find your seat. So, I shamelessly asked many Spaniards how to navigate our way through the stadium to get to our seats.  Unfortunately, most of them were not too helpful with their directions (seems to be a common occurrence here).  Eventually, however, we did find open seats…whether they were our seats or not is questionable.   You could say our seats were “nosebleeds” as there was only one row of seats above us.  But, hey, there really isn’t a bad seat in the house!

The game was really fun and unlike the professional tennis match we went to the other week, I could actually follow what was going on!  Surprised?  Yea, me too!  The culture of sporting events in Spain is so much less commercialized in that there aren’t vendors running up and down the stands trying to  get you to buy way overpriced food and drinks.  We couldn’t believe that almost everyone whipped out bocadillos (sandwiches) to eat during half-time.  That kind of thing doesn’t happen in the U.S.

It’s Carly’s birthday on Sunday and since we are going to Granada this weekend with our study abroad group, nuestra familia (our family) is going to celebrate this afternoon after lunch.  Yesterday, our señora surprised us both with un regalito (small gift).  After dinner, she came into our room and handed us each a small package.  She gave us hand-painted fans, which was so sweet!  She then proceeded to dance around our room with them, showing us how to open them the way all the sevillanas do.

As she was leaving our room, she said, “I love you!”  She then asked Carly and I if she had said it correctly in English.  We burst out laughing and told her that, indeed she did!  We are SO lucky to have the best host mom here!  I guess I’m pretty used to having awesome mamas 😉

The past two weeks, I have been going from panadería to panadería (bakery to bakery) asking if they make any gluten-free tortas (cakes) as Carly is allergic to gluten.  After many failed attempts, I finally found a bakery where I was able to special order a gluten-free cake.  It’s about an hour walk from our apartment and given that it is pouring, I don’t know if biking is the best option for an accident-prone person, like me.  Whipping out the rain jacket and paraguas (umbrella) to enjoy a little rain 🙂

Besos (kisses),



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3 Responses to Rain, rain, rain…

  1. Mark says:

    It seems like you got some climbing in getting to your seats. At least the rules for futbol are a little easier to follow than American football. Di you actually watch the game?

  2. Mom says:

    Good you understood the rules of soccer, given you played it for many years when you were young:) I am glad you are being treated well by your house mom. I have to admit, she has stiff standards to try and live up to:) Your blogs make me laugh!

  3. Aunt Karen says:

    Hey Anna! Love the scarf–you must’ve found some time for a little shopping. How fortunate that you have a wonderful host mom–no doubt, she feels your warmth and personality toward her. Like your real mom said…..I love reading your fun blogs and continuing to live my life through you.

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