Chocolate, Waffles, and Beer: Bruges & Brussels, Belgium

We spent the last three and a half days of our trip in Bruges & Brussels.  We quickly learned upon arriving that Belgium is known for five things: 1) chocolate 2) waffles 3) french fries (not invented in France!) 4) beer 5) lace.  Never in my life have I seen so many chocolate shops!  When walking through the streets of both of these cities, literally every other shop was a chocolate shop and if it wasn’t a chocolate shop, it was a pub or a waffle shop.  I definitely took advantage of this as I ate plenty of chocolate and a couple of waffles (both drench in chocolate).  While we were in Belgium, I couldn’t pass up the chocolate-covered apple that a street vendor was selling (although it still couldn’t live up to Rocky Mountain’s infamous caramel apples).  Don’t worry though, I bought plenty of chocolate to bring back to the states to share with you all!

Says it all.


I found a Christmas store in Bruges. What else could you need in life when you have Christmas and chocolate?!

Mary and me.

Out of the two cities we visited in Belgium, I definitely liked Bruges more (despite the fact that it was a pain in the ass to get to: two train cancellations due to mechanical issues followed by three train rides).  Bruges was just so quaint.  The entire city is walk-able and between the small canals, the cobblestone streets, and the falling leaves, I couldn’t help but fall in love with Bruges.  On Saturday night, our hostel sponsored a free, two-hour walking tour of the city.  Again, I was astounded by how small the world is because our tour guide was from Wheaton! She recommended we go to a bar located in the narrowest street in all of Belgium.  There, they sell beer with 12.5% alcohol content.  The beer at this bar is so strong that they only sell a maximum of three to each customer!  Agu and Mary tried the famous beer while I tried a peach beer.  I’m proud to say that this beer was the first beer that I’ve actually liked the taste of!

Before our canal tour in Bruges.

Most famous view of Bruges.


We got to Brussels in the early afternoon on Saturday and all of us immediately agreed that we didn’t like it as much as Bruges.  It is obviously much bigger, but also very dirty.  We really didn’t have enough time to explore everything Brussels had to offer given how little time we had there.  I guess what surprised me the most was just how giant it was.  I know that it is the capital and all, but woah!  When w were walking through the center of the city and the main shopping drag, it was difficult to stay together.

Agu and Mary with their waffle.

My first Belgian waffle.

Chocolate-covered apple.

Well, I can’t believe the five days have come and gone already.  It sort of feels like a dream still—as if I was watching my life through a movie.  What an adventure!  ¡Qué divino viaje!  Now, only one day until Molly arrives! Woohoo!

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6 Responses to Chocolate, Waffles, and Beer: Bruges & Brussels, Belgium

  1. Mark says:

    Those beers look tasty!

  2. Mom says:

    I am all for the waffles and chocolate!! Looking good:)

  3. Aunt Karen says:

    Hey Anna–just catching up on your adventures. Belgium! Who knew it was such a great place. I’ve heard about the lace but didn’t know that beer and fries were also part of their culture. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Save some of that chocolate for me!

  4. annaollinger says:

    Thanks, Aunt Karen! It’s actually a bag that Amy bought at a store called Hot Mama! I’ll make sure to save you a box of chocolate 😉

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